Český heldentenor Joseph Aloys Tichatscheck Společnost Richarda Wagnera Praha, řádný člen Richard Wagner Verband International

Joseph Aloys Tichatscheck was one of the distinctive figures of singing not just for his original performances of the operas and music dramas by Richard Wagner, but also for his artistic complexity. He was practically a symbol of singing of Wagner's music drama and a true archetype of the Heldentenor. During Wagner's life, moreover, he became a major promoter of the composer's work. Article was founded on research of sources both in the Czech Republic as well as abroad (Bayreuth, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Moscow, Neuruppin, Vienna), but also thanks to digitized global archives and national libraries, documents, handwritten materials, newspaper and magazine reviews, photographs and family memories. Today it is more than two centuries since the artist's birth, and this part of Dissertation present a complex artistic and personal profile of Joseph Tichatscheck between years 1842–1843 as the outcome of the Author’s original research activities.

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MgA. Martin Kajzar